WhizzML is a domain-specific language for automating Machine Learning workflows, implementing high-level Machine Learning algorithms, and easily sharing them with others. WhizzML offers out-of-the-box scalability, abstracts away the complexity of underlying infrastructure, and helps analysts, developers, and scientists reduce the burden of repetitive and time-consuming analytics tasks.

Create a script

WhizzML’s main elements are scripts that contain sentences to create, transform and manage BigML’s resources. To know more about its syntax you can refer to the examples, tutorials and references in WhizzML Page. The following one is a simple example about how to create a script that allows to import a source using WhizzML. The core of the script is its source_code and contains the code that will be executed when running the script.

// setting the parameters to be used in script creation
Script.Arguments scArgs = new Script.Arguments();
           "(create-source {\"remote\" \"https://static.bigml.com/csv/iris.csv\"})");
scArgs.Add("name", "add a remote file");
Script sc = await client.CreateScript(scArgs);

Create an execution

This section shows how to create an execution of a script stored in BigML. You only need to know the Id of the script you want to execute and provide the input parameters for the actual execution.

// --- Retrieve an existing script whose Id is known ---
string scriptId = "script/50a2eac63c19200bd1000XXX";

Execution.Arguments exArgs = new Execution.Arguments();
exArgs.Add("script", scriptId);
exArgs.Add("name", "my script execution");
Execution exec = await client.CreateExecution(exArgs);

That’s all! BigML will create the execution as requested. That generates an execution resource that automatically appears in the BigML Dashboard executions listings. Once the execution reaches a finished status, the results are returned in the Results property of the Execution object.